The Power of Social Media: our latest Web Science mini-MOOC

Lead Educators Dave Millard and Lisa Harris

Tomorrow sees the launch of our latest Web Science mini-MOOC with Futurelearn – “The Power of Social Media“. The course begins on 25th April and students from the Curriculum Innovation module “Online Social Networks” will be putting their learning directly into practice as they participate in the MOOC with learners from all over the world.

The original 6 week Web Science MOOC needed an update (amazingly it’s nearly 3 years since we started on this journey) and we have split the course into a number of 2 week mini-MOOCs with updates to the existing content and plenty of new material. Another of our new courses in the series is Introduction to Linked Data and the Semantic Web (#FLlinkeddata) which starts on 11th April.

You can check out updates over the next few weeks via the hashtag #FLsocialmedia (for the MOOC) and #UOSM2012 for the module.

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