New Doctoral Training Centre in Web Science Innovation

Postgraduate training at the University of Southampton has received a major funding boost through a number of new Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

The Web Science Institute is delighted to announce that one of these new Centres is Web Science Innovation. It will train 65 students (13 students per year over five years) to innovate in the shaping of Web growth, Web practices and Web policy to lead UK industry and government to reap the maximum economic and social value from its emerging digital economy.

Les Carr

Professor Les Carr, who is one of the Directors of the CDT in Web Science Innovation, says:

“Web Science offers the insights necessary to understand the flow of data and knowledge around the globe, and the social and technical processes that can turn gigabytes and terabytes of raw data and into valuable new applications or evidence-based policy. It also helps us appreciate the threats to our online identities but also the opportunities of allowing our personal digital avatars to participate in new kinds of online businesses, online politics and online social engagements.”

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