Making the Most of MOOCs

19th May at 12.30pm in 34/3001

After the success of the Web Science and Oceans MOOCs, 19th May sees the launch of the Portus MOOC and a number of others are in the pipeline.

This event will introduce you to current and future MOOC developments with an overview of the Portus MOOC and early plans for the Digital Marketing MOOC. It will focus on 1) the implications of MOOCs for new programme development and institutional change more broadly, and 2) how MOOCs can be effectively promoted both within and beyond the university.


Hugh Davis, Director of Education, will introduce the session with an update on the outlook for MOOCs.


Graeme Earl will discuss innovative aspects of the Portus MOOC and how it integrates with existing and planned curriculum innovation programmes in Archaeology


Lisa Harris will describe early plans for this MOOC and make suggestions for how the university might “eat the dogfood” with regard to its own digital marketing strategy.

Victor Naroditzkiy, Mirco Tonin, Sebastian Stein, Tran Thanh Long and Michael Vlassopoulos, a team of behavioural economists, computer scientists and game theorists, will discuss “Encouraging social media shares through referral programmes and gamification”. Their presentation will demonstrate how the MOOCs can benefit from “refer a friend” programmes to generate word of mouth marketing online.

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