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MOOCs – where next?

In a recent post we discussed the background to our MOOC work which has evolved from the Digital Economy Research Group's emphasis on bringing inter-disciplinary research into education. This has been specifically progressed through curriculum innovation modules and a number of collaborative projects working with students as partners. Continue reading →

Next run of the Web Science MOOC!!!!

The next running of the Web Science MOOC, run by the University of Southampton in conjunction with FutureLearn, starts on 6th October 2014! We will also be organising a Thunderclap over the coming months to get the word out about this so keep an eye on @sotonWSI and all the blogs for more details on how you can get involved! Remember that the more people that get involved in the course, the more people there will be participating in the online discussions! Below is a video giving a brief... Continue reading →

A Digital Economy Recipe for MOOCs

In a month's time the DE USRG will cease to exist, as it merges with the Web Science Institute. Since we took it over in 2011 we have focused on a few key areas: Firstly, the role of technological innovation in driving research-informed education, and this being digital economy research in its own right. The education sector is changing rapidly as we all appreciate and the place of technology is fundamental to this. Continue reading →

Using social media to present about social media…

Making the most of social media preso with @graemeearl & @flobroderick to @multisoton #digichamps #sotonde— Lisa Harris (@lisaharris) July 4, 2013 As @lisaharris @GraemeEarl @FloBroderick are speaking about social media, I thought I should tweet about it! #usrg— Rikki Prince (@rikkiprince) July 4, 2013 @GraemeEarl is live at the USRG Chairs Meeting all the way from the @PortusProject pic.twitter. Continue reading →