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Data Literacy Workshop at #WebSci15

This workshop was held as part of the Web Science 2015 Conference in Oxford, on a boiling June 30th. Invited speakers included Jonathan Gray, Director of Policy at the Open Knowledge Foundation, Katelyn Rogers from the School of Data and James Stewart from the Government Digital Services team. The panel was moderated by Sir Nigel Shadbolt, one of whose tweets about the workshop was retweeted 28 times! https://twitter. Continue reading →

The first UK Open Data Camp, Winchester

As the first ‘unconference’ I’ve attended, I was initially nervous that sanctioned chaos was about to break out. Thankfully, due to a deceptively laid-back but in fact highly efficient organising team, everything ran like clockwork. Subjects were not arranged in advance but any attendee was free to run a session over the two days, ranging from organised presentations to more open facilitations of discussion. Continue reading →