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Fernando: Of Social Networks & Relationships

Hello everyone,

I am interested in finding the effects of social networks in our day to day interpersonal relationships. I am intrigued by several intriguing questions here:

  1. What are the differences between online and real life relationships?
  2. Is possible to consider purely online interaction a relationship?
  3. Is our online interaction changing our interpersonal interactions in real life?
  4. Is it possible to construct a social network model which reflects more closely our real life interactions?
  5. Would such model reduce the negative impacts in our day to day interactions?
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By Lucas Conley

So, this are my ideas, any comments or suggestions?

One thought on “Fernando: Of Social Networks & Relationships

  1. Maria Priestley says:

    Hi Fernando 🙂

    I think these are very interesting questions to research. There have been concerns about how the rising use of social networks is affecting our lives, so it would be great to collect real evidence of what’s happening. I particularly like your idea about applying the research to construct an improved social network model.

    Your post got me thinking about how different people form relationships and use social networks. The positive and negative impacts may vary depending on the circumstances and social preferences of the user. For example, people with extroverted or introverted tendencies, different age groups, or those who use social media to overcome geographic barriers or disability. I wonder if there’s a way to look into this and create a network that caters to everyone’s needs.

    Also, it might be interesting to consider whether people ever evaluate the impact of social networks on their own life. For example, one of your questions is about how online interactions change our interpersonal relationships in real life. I’d be curious to know if the users ever think about this, and whether this kind of awareness could help them to maintain a better balance between online and real life relationships.


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