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Introduction to Psychology

I have been reading Atkinson and Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology to have an understanding of what Psychology is. Psychology is all new to me however I am finding it interesting as I read more about it.

The first question I tried to find an answer to is: What is Psychology?
Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. Psychology as a discipline has so many sides to it and you can approach it from any of these sides depending on what exactly you are looking to study.

There are four main aims of Psychology and these are:
1. To describe behaviour
2. To understand and explain behaviour
3. To predict behaviour
4. To change behaviour

Still reading on Psychological Perspectives and will be writing in detail about this later on in the week. Basically, Psychologically Perspectives are ways of looking at topics within Psychology. Reading about Psychology has been fun and I hope I will be able to relate this to online/social media banking.

B. L. Fredrickson, S Nolen-Hocksema, G. R. Loftus, and W. A. Wagenaar. Atkinson and Hilgards’s Introduction to Psychology. Cengage Learning EMEA, 2009, 15th edition, 2009.

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