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Taekyun Kim : Phychology and computer science

I would like to introduce my topic. It is about people’s different behaviour on “On-line” and “Off-line”.

They show pretty similar behaviour on both life. However, they show completely different behavious between them. As I have been written on student Wi-ki. It seems to be interlinked two discipline . Psychology and Computer Science.

In this posting I would like to write about Psychology discipline rather than computer science discipline. What is psychology? As I read some of reference It is explained the study of mental processes, behaviour and the relationship between them. It is a study area of people’s behavior when they are alone or in interaction with others.

Relative with my topic example of psychology is the sense of guilt. In normal life, we have been acted follow common sense, rather than follow law. As they are judged themselves and feel guilty or not. This emotion is usually get stronger when they are in front of people in any condition. However, psychologically they would get profit even they were wrong in some case, especially when they can hide. When they are alone, they are getting generous what they behave, even their behaviour is wrong because no one can make judgement what they have done. only one’s own self can be judged of their own behaviour. The web is the way that they could easily hide in front of people.  One of the specification of the web is anonymous. This is what exactly they used and way to show different acting between on-line and off-line. they can run away from people’s eye.

I will post more detail of psychology based on what I mentioned.



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