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Initial thoughts…..

Been thinking about what topic and what disciplines to consider and a lot of ideas have been popping in my head.
At the moment I’m reading interdisciplinary research by Allen F. Repko and trying to understand the different disciplines we have.

I have a vague idea of what topic I might consider but still trying to decide what disciplines to approach it from. I’m looking to do a study on social media banking in the United Kingdom. This could be looked at from the following disciplines-Criminology- this would be in relation to cybercrime, this could also be looked at from the Marketing Discipline- Digital Marketing to be precise. Sociology and Psychology are also disciplines I am considering and last but not the least Banking. Though I have worked in banking for a few years, I have not formally studied Banking as a discipline (my first degree is in computer engineering).

Questions I am looking to get answers to include:
Why is banking on social media not popular in the UK?
How is social banking monitored?
How will banking regulations affect banking on the web-especially with sale of products?
Would the service rendered on social media be the same as branch?
Does social media increase the banks efficiency?

Anyway will see how this works out in the next few days.
Looks like I am tilting towards Sociology and Banking as I have started reading textbooks on both disciplines.

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