Two New Villages set for Electrification

The villages of Bambouti in Cameroon and Oloika in Kenya’s rift valley are set for electrification through PV array’s by the E4D team and partners. Baseline data has been collected and the villages will undergo installation in the coming months.

Oloika, Kenya
On a recent trip to Kenya, the E4D team, along with members of Kenya’s Rural Electrification Authority, visited the village of Oloika to speak to the community and discuss the installation. Preparations have been on going with a view to install the grid in the next couple of months. The project was received very well in the community with many businesses and community members already showing a keen interest to be a part of the project.

Bambouti, Cameroon
The E4D team has also partnered with Cameroon Catalysts, a student led organisation which focuses on international development. The organisation was founded by students from the University of Southampton, who continue to run the organisation through the undertaking of annual projects in Cameroon. This year the students have taken on their most ambitious project to date with plans to provide electricity to the village of Bambouti in rural Cameroon. Members from the E4D team have been providing their expertise, methodology and models to assist the students on a project that is going to bring huge benefits to the community of Bambouti.

The E4D team looks forward to working with both the Rural Electrification Authority in Kenya and Cameroon Catalysts from the University of Southampton.


Posted in June, 2013