Liveable Cities – Case studies

Posted on 26th January, 2018

The 9 Case Studies showcase the breadth and applicability of the Liveable Cities research to practice and to everyday life.

A copy of the case studies is available to download here:

#1 Natural Capital in Birmingham.
by Nick Grayson, Jonathan Sadler, James Hale, Martin Locret-Collet and Chris Bouch

#2 Energy, Transport and Waste in Birmingham: Building the Foundations for Tomorrow’s Engineering Strategies.
by Chris Bouch, Susan Lee, Joanne Leach, John Urry and Chris Rogers

#3 Rezoning. Harnessing rezoning to address the wider challenges that cities face.
by Patrick AB James, AbuBakr S Bahaj, Leonidas Bourikas, Luke S Blunden, Yue Wu and the Liveable Cities Team

#4 Optimising the management of district heating – CHP systems.
by AS Bahaj, PAB James and S Paine

#5 Design for Thermal Comfort. Social housing and communal heating charges.
by V Aragon, AS Bahaj, L Bourikas, S Gauthier, PAB James, JO Stephen, D Teli

#6 Reinvigoration of Secondary and Tertiary High Streets. Understanding perceptions and behaviours of stakeholders.
by P Turner, AS Bahaj and D Teli

#7 Household survey: Energy use and interaction of occupants with building systems.
by AS Bahaj, L Blunden, L Bourikas, M Büchs, PAB James, Y Wu

#8 Birmingham Smithfield – a Zero Emission City global pilot
Harnessing rezoning to address the wider challenges that cities face.
by Francesca Medda, Raul Martinez Oviedo, Nick Grayson, Jonathan Sadler

#9 Sharing City.
by Christopher Boyko, Claire Coulton, Rachel Cooper, Serena Pollastri, Stephen Clune, Nick Dunn and the Liveable Cities Team

You can also download the little books from the Liveable Cities website.