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Employability opportunity #1: a platform for your research 

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

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Sustainability…is not just green!

I guess it is not every day you hear about your own university hosting the UK’s First International Student Sustainability Research Symposium and wanting it to be all student led…well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is true!

On Friday 15th April 2016, a Student Sustainability Research Symposium will take place and we need you (current students!) to present you research, either in the form of a 10-minute presentation or poster to display. Either way we want to see and hear about your research so far!

However I guess you are thinking, “My dissertation has nothing whatsoever to do with sustainability!”

This is where you could be right or wrong… Sustainability is a vast and diverse topic area, which is not limited to just the environmental issues we are facing and their potential solutions. In fact, it encompasses social and economic topics, such as social justice, urban design, human interaction with technology, economic stability, corporate social responsibility, use of green spaces, population and sustainability and ecosystem services. Fortunately, we have made it easier for you to select where your research fits into by outlining eight themes.

So be encouraged that your dissertation could be eligible to be presented and contribute to furthering knowledge in the sustainability sector and development as a whole!

Besides all this there are other benefits, by presenting your research you will have gained extra scope to talk about in job interviews, to network with academics present at the symposium. And of course, developing your presentation skills which is always a bonus, but to be able to say you developed your skills at an international symposium is just the icing on the cake! So if any of this has sparked your intuition then take a look here. DEADLINE is Friday 19th February and PLEASE NOTE there are spaces for both University of Southampton and non-Southampton students.