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New chapters, constant commitment

By Julia Kendal |

When I joined the University’s Sustainability Action Programme four and a half years ago, I came ready to work. What I didn’t expect, was how much I’ve learnt along the way. I’ve learnt that students really are changing the world for the better, through their innovation, their commitment to the planet and their peers, and […]

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What would you give to fight hunger in the UK? How about 3 hours?

By Julia Kendal |

Between Thursday 30 June and Saturday 2 July FareShare, in conjunction with Tesco, will be holding the UK’s biggest Neighbourhood Food Collection. This is an opportunity for members of the public to donate food that doesn’t become surplus very often – long life items such as tins, rice and tea. These donations, along with the daily donations […]

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Are you changing the world for the better? We want to give you an award.

By Julia Kendal |

Are you volunteering with a local community initiative? Are you trying to teach social justice issues in an innovative way? Is your research looking at local or global sustainability challenges? If ‘yes’ to any of those questions, we want to hear about it and give you an award. The Sustainability Action Awards recognise and celebrate students […]

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Ensuring no child was without a present at Christmas

By Julia Kendal |

Guest blog by Marika Stone, East Asia Administrator in the University’s International Office. Marika coordinated the University’s team contributing to the Christmas Complete Project. Thanks to all staff and students who contributed to the success of the University of Southampton Christmas Complete Project 2015! Christmas Complete is run by Southampton City and Region Action to Combat […]

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7 steps to a sustainable Christmas

By Julia Kendal |

  1. Buy local. We’ll eat around 10 million turkeys in the UK this year. Not to mention all the potatoes, carrots and brussel sprouts! Buying the produce for your Christmas feast from local sources helps to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting it from further afield. The ‘Live My City’ map signposts local shops […]

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7 ways to make a sustainable start to the year

By Julia Kendal |

At Southampton, we bring our students and staff together to deliver ground-breaking and award winning sustainability initiatives. Here’s seven ways you can play your part, starting today: Switch off – remember to switch off computers and lights when you’re not using them. Our annual Blackout event – run by more than 250 volunteers – highlights the […]

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Live My City

By Julia Kendal |

Guest blog by Sam Bailey, SUSU VP Welfare Moving away from home is pretty exciting, there are new friends to meet, activities to try out and an entirely new city to explore. We’re running walking tours of Southampton and Winchester next weekend to help you get to know some of our students’ favourite places around […]

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A Postcard from Bristol

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

    Week Eleven on the Sustainability Action Internship: attend and present at an International Conference. ‘Yea, why not’ were my initial thoughts… …And I am very glad they were! On Monday 7th September I (along with my supervisors) took the early morning train up to Bristol, which gave me an insight to the life […]

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Sabbatical Officer Sustainability Training

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

It is that time of year again, when the ever effective sustainability training of sabbatical officers takes place, and I am pleased to announce every Sabb (bar one- they will be trained in due course!) has ‘passed’ their sustainability training! The aim of the session was to improve the Sabbs’ existing knowledge and understanding of […]

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Uplifting Ideas and the Joy of the Internet

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

Learning from an intern sounds a bit backwards, does it not? Especially after always having thought it would be the other way round. Yet for some reason, it is not the case on this internship. Although it does not also mean that the intern does the ordering of the supervisor. For one this internship builds […]

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