PANFeed: Update

PANFeed is currently undergoing a usability update, with two main goals planned. The primary goal is to make the site more accessible to non-technical users, those who may not know what an RSS feed is or what to do with one, by simplifying the terms used and stripping out the technical jargon.

Original PANFeed layout
The current PANFeed look and feel

The second aim is to make the PANFeed website more accessible on mobile devices – currently, the PANFeed site is structured in a very traditional fashion, which makes it difficult for phones and tablets to render. Bootstrap, a free collection of tools developed by Twitter, is particularly useful in creating dynamic, fluid layouts that work well on a wide variety of devices that use vastly different resolutions.

Proposed PANFeed layout
The proposed PANFeed look and feel

This new layout is still very much in development and is likely to change a great deal in the near future, to take advantage of some of the more appealing features of Bootstrap, so stay tuned for more updates soon!

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