RedFeather in a nutshell

The RedFeather project aims to fill a niche in e-learning where teachers want to share their resources without the use of a full-scale repository platform.  I identified three such groups of users in an earlier blog post (accessible here) but in the interest of keeping this post self-contained we can generalise them to “users who want to share a small group of resources”.  While it is possible for these users to simply upload resources to webspace, doing so will provide them with none of the added value they would gain from a repository.

Don't worry, no bright red birds were hurt in the making of this Rapid Innovation project.

RedFeather is an extremely lightweight repository-like solution that fosters best practice for OER, it can be dropped into any website with PHP, and enables appropriate metadata to be assigned to resources, creates views in multiple formats (including HTML with in-browser previews, RSS, RDF and JSON), and provides instant tools to submit to Xpert and Jorum, or migrate to full repository platforms via SWORD.

A live demo of RedFeather can be accessed from the project page at

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