MicroViews: Final Progress Post

Title of Primary Project Output

MicroViews: Enhancing links to resources stored in EPrints repositories with tooltips for desktop users and mobile friendly displays for iPhone and Android.

Screenshots of Prototype

An example of a MicroViews InPlace view on a course notes page.
An example of a MicroViews InPlace view on a course notes page.
MicroViews iPhone interface
MicroViews iPhone interface

MicroViews Tooltip
MicroViews Tooltip

Description of Prototype

MicroViews is a plugin for the jQuery javascript library. It will provide your website users with dynamic tooltips for your linked EPrints. The library is hosted from the MicroViews site so that if your users have visit another MicroViews enabled webpage then their browser will not have to download the code again, reducing the load time impact on your pages. Additionally this means that rather then having to manage your own installation and upgrading, you will always have the latest and greatest version of.

End User of Prototype

The primary end user of this prototype is envisaged to be a lecturer. With MicroViews a lecturer will be able to quickly add dynamic EPrints content to their webpage with the minimum of effort. This is useful for the lecturer as they can link both research material in traditional EPrints installations, and custom institutional repository solutions such as EdShare.

Link to Working Prototype: http://microviews.eprints.org/demo

Link to End User Documentation: http://microviews.eprints.org/documentation (Additional documentation http://microviews.eprints.org/microviews.js?help)

Link to Code Repository: http://microviews.googlecode.com

Date Prototype was Launched: 2nd November 2009

Project Team:

  • Marcus Ramsden, mmr@ecs.soton.ac.uk – ECS, University of Southampton
  • Yvonne Howard, ymh@ecs.soton.ac.uk – ECS, University of Southampton
  • Dave Millard, dem@ecs.soton.ac.uk – ECS, University of Southampton

Project Website: http://microviews.eprints.org

PIMS Entry: https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/1346

Blog Posts: http://blog.soton.ac.uk/oneshare/category/microviews/

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