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MicroViews: Final Progress Post

Title of Primary Project Output MicroViews: Enhancing links to resources stored in EPrints repositories with tooltips for desktop users and mobile friendly displays for iPhone and Android. Screenshots of Prototype Description of Prototype MicroViews is a plugin for the jQuery

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MicroViews: A Mixed Week

MicroViews on course notes pages Now that MicroViews has been deployed on the public people pages for ECS bringing a little life to the publication lists, MicroViews has seen it’s first deployment on a online course notes page. Here we

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MicroViews: Now with Android goodness

I have just released MicroViews for Android onto the development version. This is some very basic work but it is the start of the process so that I can start refining the functionality. Thanks to the fact that the Android

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MicroViews: Mobile Views & Inplace Views

Summary I realize that it hasn’t been a full week since my last post but I figured I should get back into the habit of posting at the end of each week after my blogging lapse. Also I fancied keeping

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MicroViews: Mobile Views

Summary It has been a little quieter on the MicroViews front recently as I have been working on other OneShare projects recently such as AllAboutMePrints and a rewrite of the Sneep plugin. But before all of this started I spent

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MicroViews: Statistics Gathering & Mobile Views

Summary This week I have been working on the statistics gathering element of the system and the mobile views. Statistics Gathering It was agreed that some level of usage statistics would be generated from this project. The main reason for

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MicroViews: Script Hosting & Tooltips

This week the current work that has been taking place on the MicroViews project has been setting up the script hosting and tooltips which form the first feature of MicroViews.

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The OneShare family of projects has grown again, this time through the Microviews project, one of the new JISC Raid Innovation Projects. The Microviews project aims to develop a JavaScript library that is capable of rendering a preview of an