Welcome to Humbox

We have completed the migration of the Language Box to Humbox and we hope that you find it easy to settle into using this service. This blog will be the initial point giving you updates about features and updates to the service as they become available. Currently the blog is also aggregated to the Humbox homepage as well so you can keep up-to-date from there as well.

Please note that at this time that you can only create an account on the Humbox if you are included in the project.

Currently you are able to create new resources and deposit files with those resources. Please note that we are currently having issues with the Coverflow feature at the top of the resource pages. It is generating previews for most file format types, but for some reason we are having issues generating previews for office documents. We are working to rectify this situation and will make an announcement regarding the status of this feature in the near future.


  • Humbox – The Humbox
  • OneShare – The OneShare project is responsible for maintaining the Humbox.

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