All About MePrints

Running alongside OneShare is a smaller scale project called allAboutMePrints, this is a 6 month rapid innovation project to develop the profile approach taken in the Language Box and EdShare into a stand-alone EPrints plugin and a widget that users can embed into their own web pages.

Our eventual goal with OneShare is to release several of these plugins, as well as a version of EPrints that is configured by default for teaching and learning materials. The idea is that people who want a teaching repository will be able to set one up (or commision one from EPrints Services) as easily as they can now do with research repositories, and will be able to choose from a tasty menu of plugins in order to build more advanced functionality (such as inline multimedia previews and collections).

MePrints is therefore important to OneShare, becuase it’s the prototype for this approach, and represents a serious attempt to work with the EPrints team to develop a more substantial EPrints profile system.

Because the project is relatively small, we are going to use the OneShare blog to keep people updated on MePrints progress – just look unto the MePrints category to find related posts.

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