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London streets to Romanian mountains

BA Music finalist Kath Roberts tells about her summer of music activities: Approaching what I called my ā€˜last summer as a proper studentā€™, I was lucky enough to take part in a number of musical projects! The first was playing in the debut tour of the ā€˜Street Orchestra of Londonā€™, also known as SOL. Modelled on the Ricciotti ensemble in Holland, the orchestra was founded with the belief that ā€œevery human being has an equal right to enjoy quality live music. Continue reading →

Superstar Summer

Jon Gingell teaches guitar at Southampton University as well as working in theatre as performer, programmer and copyist. Ā He is a Southampton Music graduate. Over the summer break, I have been dividing my time between theatre work in Paris, Regentā€™s Park Open Air Theatre and the National Theatre, and live gigs on the european blues festival circuit with American singer-songwriter Earl Thomas. In Paris I played guitar, ukulele and banjo for Damon Albarnā€™s musicalĀ Wonder. Continue reading →

A Multi-Media Summer

Bethany Stenning, 4th Year BA Music (with Year Abroad) student reports on herĀ varied summer activities. During the summer I was asked to fly out to Dublin to take part in a short film. I was living in Dublin for the second half of my year abroad (I spent the first half in Paris), and whilst I was there I performed frequently at various pubs/cafes etc. Continue reading →