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Sarah Hodkinson

Music Therapy in Moldova

Lecturer Sarah Hodkinson has just returned from Moldova, where she has been teaching music therapy to professionals from all over the country. Moldova is considered the poorest country in Europe, having only established independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Historically , children with severe and often mild disabilities were typically homed in institutions such as baby homes. Continue reading →

Experiencing music therapy

Sarah Hodkinson, our Lecturer in Music Therapy, describes a workshop that allowed students to gain valuable hands-on experience to complement their year 3 music therapy lectures: Music students Alice Charlton, Esme Phillips, and Panos Mathicolonis assisted me in a music therapy workshop at the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service. The students are well aware of the significance of music. Music is not only something they study, it is central in their lives. Continue reading →

Music therapy with HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Lecturer in Music Therapy Sarah Hodkinson tells us about music therapy with HRH Duchess of Cambridge: In December the Duchess made a visit to Shooting Star House (a Shooting Star Chase children’s hospice in West London). Shooting Star House is where I give music therapy to children and young people who have life-limiting conditions, meaning that they are not expected to reach their nineteenth birthday. Continue reading →