Ben at the Beeb

Lecturer in Composition Dr Benjamin Oliver reports on his recent experiences at the BBC.

The Workers Union Ensemble with composer Matthew Kaner (Ben is one in from the right)


Several weeks ago I conducted the Workers Union Ensemble for a recording of a new work by Matthew Kaner, Collide, at BBC Broadcasting House. Matt is currently ‘Composer in 3’, a residency with BBC Radio 3 and Sound and Music and is writing ten new pieces to be recorded for broadcast on the station in the next ten weeks. The Workers Union Ensemble have a long, and happy, association with Matt so we were delighted when he asked us to record the first of these ten commissions.

Composer Matthew Kaner

It was a quite an experience recording at the BBC; terrifying, exciting and fun! We worked with a fantastic producer and engineer who made the experience as relaxed as possible.

Collide was broadcast for the first time on the Radio 3 Breakfast yesterday morning and is being played at some point during the Breakfast show every day this week. It’s available on the iPlayer and includes a short interview too: