The Hoosiers Session

Music finalist Jamie Wall reports on a collaboration between The Edge, SUSUtv and Music, bringing bands into the Music Department studios for live sessions to be broadcast on SUSUtv.


From the start of this academic year I have been working alongside people from The Edge magazine and SUSUtv on a project called ‘The Edge Sessions’. When a band is on tour and stopping to play in Southampton, The Edge arrange for them to come into the university and record a live session in the Music Department’s studio. Together with Adam Skinner and former student Chris Lucas I deal with all of the recording process and members of SUSUtv film the whole session.

On Sunday 18 October in our first full session of the year we hosted The Hoosiers. They offered an acoustic session performing their songs ‘Up To No Good’ and ‘Worried About Ray’ and gave a very funny interview with The Edge’s Will Hodgetts in which we learnt a new drinking game and got to hear the guys talk about their experiences of being in a touring band for almost ten years.

The group were an absolute treat to have down and we thoroughly enjoyed their brief stay.

Footage of ‘Worried About Ray’ can be seen here:

The Hoosiers are most famous for their 2007 album The Trick To Life which reached number 1 in the UK album charts and contained the hit songs ‘Worried About Ray’ and ‘Goodbye Mr. A’.

The next Edge Session is in February when we welcome American pop punk band Bowling For Soup to the studio.