Jan 28

Oh my.

What an astonishing number of applications… and so many of such a high standard. You’re really haven’t made this easy on us, people. The worst part of this whole process is that we’re having to have to turn away a huge number of really smart, competent applicants.
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Dec 30

Those of you who are interested in becoming a member of the Helpdesk team should finish polishing your CVs and get them submitted soon.

We would prefer to receive applications by 4pm on Wednesday 6th January, but will accept them up to 23:59 on that day. Please make sure you read the application instructions carefully.

We look forward to inviting a selection of candidates for interviews, most of which will take place the week after.

Dec 2

See that box over there on the right of the blog site?

Put in your name and e-mail address, and then click the button.

From then on, we’ll send you a lightweight notification by e-mail when NEW AND EXCITING THINGS happen in the labs or on the blog. You wouldn’t want to be the last to know…

Dec 1

Here in Helpdesk we’re continually amazed by the number of lost property items that get handed in to us but never claimed. I guess that people just don’t know we have lost property…

Some items have sat in the drawer for several months now. We’ve got everything from MP3 players to pairs of spectacles. If you think you’ve lost something in the labs, please come and see us. We’re running out of room to put all these USB keys!

If you are coming to collect an item of lost property:

  • We will ask to see your ID card to make sure we’re handing property back to the right person.
  • If you’re collecting a USB pen drive or hard disk we will ask what is on the drive so that we can verify that it’s yours.
  • You’ll need to give a reasonably accurate description of the item – just saying “it’s a USB key” doesn’t help us much.

– Toby

Nov 26

Dear reader,

I suppose there in some sense in which one’s nouveau joueb should begin with a florid and overambitious declaration of intent: a description of a wondrous and novel vision, portending a deluge of intellectually motivated creativity. A promise to document unflinchingly every waking moment of one’s mortal existence and to craft from this unerring record a repository of wisdom and insight.


Far more honest just to tell you that we’ll probably be putting some stuff about our work in the labs here on an irregular basis, and some of it might even be interesting.

– HD