Dec 10

Top Mistakes To Avoid #3: Printing On Hand-In Day

Many people seem to have decided that the very best time to do all of their printing is on the afternoon of the deadline.

Do remember that this will maximise your chances of being stuck in a long print queue, or discovering that the person ahead of you has just printed 45 pages of solid black and simultaneously emptied the toner cartridge and jammed up the fuser unit. You should take this risk into account when you work out how long you need.

Printing, binding and finishing are all part of the time allocation required to complete your project work, so it is up to you to manage this time effectively. Do remember that leaving your printing too late is not a valid excuse for late submissions.

Handy hint: colour printers take around twice as long per page and are 50% more expensive than their super-fast black-and-white cousins.

For jobs with only a few colour pages, send the black and white pages to the black and white printer and print the colour pages separately – this saves time and money.