Fun? You Decide. Procrastination? Definitely.

#1: Challenge: The Dead Letterbox (Topics: Codes and ciphers; Awareness and alertness) SOLVED
#2: Challenge: Chilling Words (Topics: Codes and ciphers; Research) SOLVED
#3: Challenge: The Mysterious Painting (Topics: Hidden information) SOLVED
#4: Challenge: Patriot Missives (Topics: Hidden information)

At least for now, this is where we will be keeping a record of the challenges, quizzes, games and competitions we dream up (four words for essentially the same thing, there).

There are some great ideas planned for the future. Some will be easy, some will be tricky and some will be so astonishingly fiendish you’ll wish you’d never heard of them. There will be those that involve coding; there will be those that require detective work and spy-foo; some may even require you to get up out of your chair and go Outside!

A few will even have special prizes associated with them, although unless otherwise stated you must be a member of the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton to be eligible for a prize. The first or best correct entry – depending on the task – will always win glory and their name in lights (or text at least).

All entries should be sent to the competition address (helpdesk+compo@ecs dot blah blah blah) and you should include the NAME of the challenge in the subject line. Always explain HOW you reached your answer.

Any hints will appear on the blog (so subscribing to the e-mail list is recommended!). Helpdesk decision is final. You should not allow these challenges to interfere with real work.

The links are above.

– HD