May 21

After much careful deliberation and considerable percussive persuasion, Helpdesk are pleased to announce that we finally have a judge’s ruling for the (not so) recent Fleen Rotivator Design competition.

As you are no doubt aware, rotivation is a critical part of any bean reconsitution process. Failure to rotivate correctly and with due fleen can have catastrophic impact on final product quality. Accordingly we decided to send the design competition entries off to a third-party expert for judging.

Unfortunately, getting hold of a competent rotivator quality assurance expert on our rather modest budget proved near-impossible. Despite Mr. Chips’ best efforts to persuade the local QA firms, nobody was willing to provide an acceptable discount. Four days into negotiations, Herb the Hoove informed us that he’d found a suitable expert. With considerable reluctance we handed copies of the designs to Herb… that was well over two months ago.

Yesterday Helpdesk received an interesting letter. Said letter seems to be written in yellow crayon on numerous pieces of something that resembles dried kelp. This was crammed into a recycled greetings card envelope with a picture of a cartoon chicken on it. We are currently in the process of transcribing the “correspondence” before it decays and should have a final verdict for you by Monday.

Many thanks for your patience.

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