Mar 9

WIN £10 for Almost No Effort

Boredcam’s “Evad Bean Mash To Hutler Candy” machine has a problem: Herb the Hoove has misplaced the design plans for the Fleen Rotivator (note that this is a Rotivator, not a garden Rotavator!) and so development has stalled. We need you to provide us with a design for this vital missing element.

The purpose of the Rotivator processing stage is to accept the damp balls of candy as they leave the supraformer, and to cause them to dry and set ahead of the buffing stage. As the name implies, this involves a rotary element.

The design needs to fulfil the following criteria:
– 480px x 360px PNG
– Input top left, Output bottom left (see boardcam)
– Must use only Blue, Purple, Orange, Red and Green
– Should be possible to reproduce using only dry-wipe board markers
– Should use broad enough strokes that it will be visible and intelligible (relatively speaking) on Boardcam

If a really top class design turns up by the end of the week, we’ll use it and Herb will pay £10 for it. If not, we’ll make something better ourselves and he can give us the money. This competition is open to anyone in Southampton UK, and friends and relatives thereof (cos we’re not posting the money!).

We’ll publish all of the SFW answers for general consumption.

Entries to: helpdesk+compo@ecs.soton… etc.

NB: For those of you confused, yes this is a fictional item, so there’s no right answer.
Unleash your creativity.

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