Feb 12

You’ve heard us say it many times over, but here it is again: thanks to everyone who took part in the recruitment exercise. It was very difficult narrowing things down, but in the end the skillset we’ve ended up with is—we hope—what we’re after on this occasion. SAs begin next week (15th Feb).

In other news, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been a bit lax on the challenges recently, so we’ll pick that up again in the next week or two.

By way of a concession, we’ve decided to try putting v0.1 (alpha) of Boardcam up early. It’s bound to be rubbish and break frequently in its first revision, and we’re really waiting for a better camera to turn up, but for now you can have a sneak preview of the sheer stupidity that is the Helpdesk Whiteboard. The stuff on there is suitable for nobody, represents the views of no-one, least of all the School, and should never be taken seriously. Nevertheless, it’s there. Check the link at the top for the world’s least dynamic webcam (refreshing at a fibre-shattering 0.1fps—and no it really is, hitting refresh on your browser achieves nothing…).

Have many funs.

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