Feb 9

Gosh this has been a gruelling process, but it looks like we may not need a significant number of second-round interviews, if any.

After long and painful deliberations, we’ve used everyone’s CVs, interview performances and—importantly—their chosen specialist subject areas, to assemble three teams:

  • Our CAD/.NET “Green Team” (it turns out there’s a very close overlap in these skill areas among applicants due to the structure of the Electronics courses, and it was a very, very popular choice at interview)
  • Our Customer Service  “Blue Team” specialising in soft skills and customer-facing experience
  • Our Lab Crew “Red Team” with their niche technical skills and aptitude for software support

We’re almost settled on the team members in the Green and Blue teams without the need for second interview. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer before we’re ready to start announcing results.

Well done again to all of the candidates. As with the CVs, we were amazed to find that there were almost no bad interviews, and far too many very, very good ones. Watch this space.

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