Dec 13

Congratulations are in order for ‘Al’ G, who was the first person to work out that the code represents the phrase “the blood of fugitives is cold”.

Al, your HB pencil is in a safe place ready for you to collect it.

The solution required you to realise that the 13-digit number was in fact an ISBN, in this case for “Death of a Dissident” by Marina Litvinenko. B+PLW was used to indicate Book+Page, Line, Word. The triplets of numbers (separated from each other by colons) each indicated a word in the book. To be helpful and save you from having to buy the book, the source words were kept to those available through Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.

Congratulations also to: Dave C, Paul T, Chris P, Darren R and Sascha B who all got this correct! Well done, folks.

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