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Feb 03

A new way of producing ‘face to face’ patient teaching sessions:

In my blog last October (‘Using technology to go beyond ‘face to face’ patient/student sessions’) I mentioned using technology as an alternative to ‘face to face’ teaching sessions with patients and students. There may be many reasons why this is preferable to an actual ‘face to face’ session. Perhaps the person has a physical disability …

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Oct 05

What actually IS patient/carer involvement in healthcare education: ‘exploding the myths’.

I am still asked frquently by my academic colleagues to define exactly what is patient/service user/carer involvement in the education of our healthcare professionals. To answer this question i feel I need to turn it around and actually talk about what it isnt. So here is my myth-busting list of what involvement isn’t! Myth 1: ‘ …

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Sep 22

To pay, pay a little, or not to pay: That IS the question!

  A subject that has taken up quite a lot of my time recently is the subject of the payment of those with lived experience who become involved in various ways within healthcare higher education institutions. It must be said here and now that no one person (living or dead!), is intended to be singled …

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Sep 09

Patient, service user, client or what?

Here’s the thing: What do we call those with lived experience that we invite to contribute to healthcare students learning? There are many labels but are any the right ones?  Ive always had a issue with ‘patient’ since I first learnt about Parson’s ‘sick role’ theory. This is the one that suggests that a person will …

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