Why a blog about Experts by Experience?

This blog is about the challenge of increasing patient, service user, carer, expert by experience (or whatever other label you care to use – see blog post below on this) involvement in the education of healthcare professionals. I am an academic working in a busy Faculty of health sciences within a large, research-focussed university and I am tasked with theĀ job of developing a strategy of making involvementĀ happen. I will post on the blog my thoughts, challenges and successes on this subject.Ā Please feel free to comment on my blogs, be it from an academic staff, student or expert by experience perspective. All views are my own. If you would like to post a blogĀ yourself on this site please e-mail meĀ at tjk1@soton.ac.uk

Trevor Kettle,

Faculty lead for service user and carer involvement,

Faculty of Health Sciences,

University of Southampton.


Twitter @Trevket


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