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Project plan 6: timeline, workplan and workpackages

Timeframe: 2010-2011


The following software deliverables are proposed:

D0. Interaction Specification: At the core of the project as required by all subsequent development, this deliverable will define the method for interaction between the client and server components required to build deposit directly into authors’ everyday workflows. Here clients are those defined by D1 (MS Office) and D4 (Operating Systems) and the servers are those consuming the content defined in D2 (EPrints and DSpace). A common and extensible specification is required to allow all of these softwares to interoperate. The development of this specification will be a beta after 4 months followed by an enhanced specification towards the end of the project.

D1. Office – Repository Conversation Addin: Allowing extended metadata, document components and multiple formats to be packaged into a single SWORD deposit. This is the desktop client side of the protocol. Three phases consist of scoping, developing and enhancing. See deliverable D2 for the matching repository server component.

D2(a/b). Repository Conversation Plugin: the repository software components that allow additional metadata and file formats to be requested for a SWORD package to interface with D1.

D3. Office Media Licensing Addin: similar to “Insert Picture”, except it takes CC images from Flickr / Google or purchased images directly from iStockPhoto. Also annotates all media (e.g. images pasted from Web Browser) with explicit provenance/rights management metadata.

D4. Desktop integration. This deliverable is similar to D1 except that the interaction is done directly with the operating system rather than office. Full interactivity should be available without the limitation of the office platform. Windows, MAC and Linux (Ubuntu) operating systems are in scope

D5. Repository Virtual File System: this deliverable has been dropped from the workplan.

The following training deliverables are proposed:

D6. Deskside coaching kit (DSC) consisting of technical training resources, academic how‐to materials and support and problem-solving documentation.

D7. Virtual kit (VDSC) consisting of web tutorials, short video walkthroughs, wiki supported by project team.

The following community activities are proposed:

D8. Researcher community workshops for archaeology, chemistry, materials science and educators.

D9. OfficeSWORD community building via Codeplex and DepositMO websites, and dev8D Code Dojo and Developer Challenge (2011).

The following reports are proposed, that include evaluation results:

D10. Analysis of culture change at Southampton / Edinburgh

D11. Analysis of culture change for discipline researchers

Deliverables D1, D3 and D4 are independent of the repository platform and will assume a primarily Windows/Office desktop environment due to the time restrictions of the project. Deliverable D2 is dependent on repository platform, and will be coded for both DSpace and EPrints.

Deliverable D9 will focus on building sustainable community of OfficeSWORD developers, in collaboration with Microsoft.

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