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Reaction Optimization

Starting the project

In order to find the optimal conditions for a reaction to be as environmentally friendly as possible, there are three main factors: The power usage of the reaction, the percent yield of the reaction (to lower waste material) and the reaction solvent. Baring these in mind, using the JMP Design of Experiment software, reactions are run to find the optimum conditions by working with these three variables.


The results! – 

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my reaction                                       June Reaction


Metal Complex Optimization

  As can be shown by the data below, the expected % yield was increased by 6%, and very importantly, the power usage was reduced to six times less than the original!   Initial Reaction Conditions Optimized Reaction Conditions Power Usage / kWh 0.39 0.06 Yield / % 47 53  

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The First Optimized Reaction

The following reaction was the first to be optimized, with an interesting note that changing the amount of solvent used, in this case DMF, led to an easier work up and much more crystalline product at the end. Optimization results, and as can be seen below, show a power consumption drop down to 1/5th of the …

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