Mar 06

Solvent Recycling

Our lab has currently recycled 51 winchesters of Acetone since November, which is a equivalent of 127.5 L of solvent with an approximate saving of £204 to our Lab.

The recycler is very easy and simple to use:
1) Choose the recycling program you want i.e Acetone. Other solvents are available but please check before using these.
2) Fill up Waste Container (Ideally the waste will be primarily Acetone and some Water with minimal contamination
3) Begin filling the internal tank.
4) For approximately 3 winchesters of waste (7.5 L). Program run time is about 2.5 hours
5) The purified solvent is then collected, and ready to decant after the end of the run cycle.

I have shown the Bruno Lab how to use this facility, if you would  also like to benefit in reducing your impact to the environment, as well as saving money for your department, get in touch.

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  1. Dharyl Wilson

    As of 20/8/15 we have now recycled 256.25L of acetone at an approximate saving of £350.55, this is just one lab in under a year.

    If we can get more labs on board imagine how much the department would save in general.

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