Jan 06

1 year of recycling

Our lab has been recycling our waste acetone for 1 year straight now, in that time we have recovered a total 451.25 L which has saved our lab  £513.88 (£2.85 per acetone 2.5L). We have considerably cut down the amount of acetone we buy from stores (though this fluctuates with day to day activity). This saving can now be better spent else where.


  1. Laura

    I am interested in starting acetone recycling in my lab and would be interested in any further information you could provide such as the manufacturer of the equipment you use and if the process is still running successfully?

    Best wishes


    1. Dharyl Wilson

      Hi Laura
      The recycler we use is a “CBG Biotech 10 Litre Benchtop Supreme Solvent Recycler”. We continue to use it as part of our lab and additionally other departments such as the teaching labs are beginning to take this on board. By the teaching labs enforcing clean seperation of waste, I am confident that as students progress throughout the years more exposure and good practice of use will also increase demand. We have seperate waste bottles for recycling waste, that only contain water and acetone from the final washings of glassware. The solvent recycled is good enough for us to continue to wash glassware etc with. There are some impurities in the acetone, but this has not had any impact on anything so far. If you have further questions and wish to discuss more you can contact me by email.
      Kind Regards


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