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CABS: Delivering Learning & Teaching Through Collaboration

Four members from co-design woke a little earlier on 25th April to head towards the west of England for the CABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience conference (LTSE) 2017. The location this year was the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, an ornate Victorian building in the heart of the city. This was the 7th annual LTSE conference and the biggest yet. Tickets to attend the first day had sold out, we know because we had tried to get a few extra places for members of the co-design group. Continue reading →

HIL: My Cultural Experience in Fiji.

The different traditions, morals and cultures throughout the World have always fascinated me and it inspired me to travel, which led to completing a volunteer scheme in Fiji. Most associate Fiji with its natural beauty and whilst this did amaze/initially attract me, my fondest memories over the two months are centred in my host village and house where I treasured the contrast to British culture. Continue reading →

HIL: My Entrepreneurial Journey

The world of business always fascinated me. The way businesses must keep seeking methods to chip away at costs like an F1 lap time where the smallest reduction can make the biggest difference. Efficiency and well thought out plans, the various techniques that can decide whether a business becomes an iconic giant, or a miserable failure and a case study of what not to do. Continue reading →

HIL: I Wanted to Take Up the Challenge

An important experience for me, in which I learnt a great deal, was going on the school sailing trip when I was fourteen. Six days in the English Channel on a 75ft yacht seemed a daunting prospect at first, but I wanted to take up the challenge. I set sail from Southampton on Monday morning with eight other school friends and the boat’s crew; our first destination was the Isle of Wight. Continue reading →

HIL: My Love of Fitness got Me Here!

  My love of fitness and body-building all began back in July 2014 when I had my first ‘adult’ gym pass. I was upgraded from a Junior Gym pass and could now use the gym before, after and perhaps even during school. This was just the beginning of a love affair which has led me to compete nationally in bikini fitness and bodybuilding. As I became a more frequent user of the gym, I began to network with people who knew a lot more than I did about fitness. Continue reading →

Frexit: How a Le Pen Victory Could Unleash a Tsunami of Economic Volatility

Panicos O. Demetriades, University of Leicester With Marine Le Pen through to the second round of the French presidential elections, the prospect of Frexit, which is at the centre of her economic policies, is beginning to spook financial markets. While the possibility of Le Pen winning in the second round remains remote, two weeks can be a long time in politics. When it comes to the implications of a French exit from the European Union, commentators have so far focused on the €1. Continue reading →

Exeter #JiscCAN17 Conference Day 2

    The second day started well, with a gourmet full english breakfast and a beautiful view over Exter. Here we were able to draw up our battle plan, with the aim for us to split up and attend as much as we could to try and cover a broad range of presentations and workshops. We have provided some small summaries of the presentations we attended for a brief overview of content and the general theme. Continue reading →

Book Review: Alibaba – The House That Jack Ma Built, by Duncan Clark

Ma Yun, whose English name is Jack Ma, is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in China. A few years ago, his name always appeared on TV news in Hong Kong because his company’s Initial Public Offerings on the New York Stock Exchange raised $25 billion, the largest stock market flotation in history. A few months later, Alibaba’s shares soared, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world, worth almost $300 billion. Continue reading →

HIL: It’s Worth it in the End, When You Have a Dream Job

  I had a great opportunity to take part in an eye-opening event in Estonia, called Shadowing a Professional. Every year, students have an opportunity to get involved in a profession for one day. To get to know their tasks and to start thinking about their own future job. At first I was a shadow for one of the most well-known journalist in Estonia. I conducted research about being a journalist, because I have always   thought that it was not my cup of tea. Continue reading →