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RSA Talk: ‘Why We Never Think Alone’

Coming from Southampton to London to hear this talk felt exciting. What I love about RSA talks is that they’re somewhat inspiring and make me pay more attention to topics I don’t consider usually. Coming from Brown University, Professor Steven Sloman a famous academic, researcher and writer, was quite enthusiastic to deliver a talk on a topic he’s been passionate about for years on the ‘Knowledge Illusion’. Continue reading →

RSA Talk: Political Turbulence and Social Media

Despite the many places I have been lucky enough to visit due to my involvement in the Co-Design project for the past year, I had not had the opportunity to visit London until now, so this trip was another exciting and new one. The other advantage of London, of course, was a less early start, making the walk through a slightly foggy Southampton for our 10:30 train all the more pleasant. Continue reading →

Our Trip to Cadbury World!

Is there a better way to end a stressful term than lots of chocolate?! (Actually don't answer that, who knows what some of you might get up to...) Anyway, chocolate was exactly how the Business Co-Creation group decided to celebrate; make sure you read below the summary of that trip from Calvin. ****** The 20th of May commemorated the end of the first year of Business School undergraduates through an educational visit to Cadbury World in the historic village of Bourneville. Continue reading →

The European Question: Southampton Decides

As referendum fever holds the nation in anticipation for June 23rd, PublicPolicy@Southampton held, what can only be described, as a very informed and heated debate about the European question. With a packed audience of students, academics and local residents in The Cube, Dr. Alan Whitehead MP, Labour MP for Southampton Test and James Edwards, representing Students for Europe shared the ‘Remain’ platform. Continue reading →

MANG1017: Guest Speakers from Grant Thornton

Hi all! Welcome back to Southampton for the start of what I'm sure will be good productive term (how many of you have heard that in the past couple days I wonder...?). For MANG1017 students, and others who may be interested, this week is a particularly exciting one, as the University welcomes two key figures from Grant Thornton, one of the world's largest professional services network, centred around accountancy and consultancy. Continue reading →

How Students Help Businesses

Hi all! Today's post is an especially exciting one, as it is our first Guest Post. This comes from Fish On Toast President Xavier Parkhouse-Parker, who has written an article focusing on How Students Help Businesses. We hope you enjoy reading this one, as we certainly did, and make sure to leave your thoughts! Tom Davidson ***** I was recently asked to do a talk on how students help businesses. I was to represent “Fish on Toast”, Southampton University’s entrepreneurial society. Continue reading →

Women In Business

Hi all! Just a short post here today, wondering how many of you have heard of, or may even be members of Southampton's Women in Business Society? They have done some great work over the years, and it is very much encouraged that you get involved with them! To make this even easier, we have reached out to the society on your behalf, and got some more details, which I will include below. Continue reading →