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Dealing with Stress

  In a reoccurring theme on this blog, we will be discussing the upcoming exams and how best to deal with the accompanying stress that is sure to follow. Obviously this is a time of the year where many people will be feeling the pressure to perform well, given the potential impact that the next two weeks could have upon your university career, but for everyone in the management cohort it is important to remember that this ISNT do or die. Continue reading →

Preparation for your exams

Happy New Years! With the first few weeks of the new University term bringing our first set of Exams and Coursework Deadlines, theres likely to be a lot of accompanying stress. However, in order to keep ahead of the examiners, and to stop yourself getting worked up about the impending exams theres plenty of resources out there to put yourself in the best possible place you can be. Continue reading →