Book Review – TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

Book review provided by Sophia Constanti, BSc Business Management student This book is a collection of tools to enhance an individual’s speaking and presentation skills. This book emphasises the importance of presenting in a way that suits the individual rather than a set structure for everyone to follow. I was curious to uncover what is involved in a successful presentation and this book reveals the necessary skills to deliver an effective talk. Continue reading →

CABS: Delivering Learning & Teaching Through Collaboration

Four members from co-design woke a little earlier on 25th April to head towards the west of England for the CABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience conference (LTSE) 2017. The location this year was the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, an ornate Victorian building in the heart of the city. This was the 7th annual LTSE conference and the biggest yet. Tickets to attend the first day had sold out, we know because we had tried to get a few extra places for members of the co-design group. Continue reading →

MWR: Do Consumers Care About the Ethics Underpinning Their Purchases?

News that Cadbury, the UK’s best-known chocolate brand, was halting its Fairtrade certification hit the headlines recently (Rodionova, 2016), and raised industry concerns around the future of Fairtrade – but will it affect sales? Do consumers really care whether their purchases are ethically sourced?   Most large companies have ethical trading policies, placing responsibility on retailers, brands and suppliers to maintain and improve working conditions, particularly those... Continue reading →

HIL: My Cultural Experience in Fiji.

The different traditions, morals and cultures throughout the World have always fascinated me and it inspired me to travel, which led to completing a volunteer scheme in Fiji. Most associate Fiji with its natural beauty and whilst this did amaze/initially attract me, my fondest memories over the two months are centred in my host village and house where I treasured the contrast to British culture. Continue reading →

HIL: My Entrepreneurial Journey

The world of business always fascinated me. The way businesses must keep seeking methods to chip away at costs like an F1 lap time where the smallest reduction can make the biggest difference. Efficiency and well thought out plans, the various techniques that can decide whether a business becomes an iconic giant, or a miserable failure and a case study of what not to do. Continue reading →

Why We Have Such a Love-hate Relationship With Work

Pexels. Ian Fouweather, University of Bradford Shock, horror, a new study shows the British public don’t like their jobs. Using smart phones researchers mapped the happiness of people in real time, while they went about their daily lives. And they discovered that people do not report feeling very happy at work. In fact, apart from being ill, work was shown as the activity that people reported they were least happy doing. Continue reading →