Phd Projects

Current and recent PhD projects cover a wide range of activities including:

SERG PhD student Mikey Harper is working on a number of methods to assess the potential for wind turbine development in the UK. As part of this he has produced a map of on-shore wind turbine planning applications to date and has also developed a model for predicting the likelihood of planning success for future sites. […]

Title: Offshore Wind Energy in Egypt Researcher: Mostafa Mahdy Supervisors: Prof AbuBakr Bahaj and Prof David Richards Abstract Planning for an offshore wind farm (OWF) is a multi-discipline planning scheme. First is to study the feasibility of deploying this kind of renewable energy in a certain part of the sea, or to locate the most suitable […]

Title:The optimum planning scale to achieve low-carbon cities. Researcher: Michael Harper. Supervisors: AbuBakr Bahaj, Patrick James, David Richards. Abstract Cities are the hubs of society and a vast consumer of energy, with 75% of worldwide energy demand being consumed within them (European Commission, 2014). Despite this large figure, only a small percentage of this energy […]

Title: Energy Performance and Thermal Comfort in a High Rise University Halls of Residence. Researcher: Rucha Amin. Supervisors: Despoina Teli. Abstract In recent years there has been a growing interest in the gap between the theoretical ‘as designed’ and ‘actual performance’ of buildings (de Wilde 2014). This ’performance gap’ could be attributed in part to […]

Title:Understanding effects of flow conditions on wakes of tidal turbines through small scale testing. Researcher: Khilan Shah Supervisors: Luke Myers and AbuBakr Bahaj Abstract Over the past decade many countries around the world have committed to reducing carbon emissions. In order to accomplish this there needs to be an increase in the use of renewable […]

Title: Understanding the influence of urban interventions in the city on travel distance, mode choice and CO2 emissions Researcher: Philip Turner Supervisors: AbuBakr Bahaj and Despoina Teli Abstract In the UK, transport is responsible for 27% of energy consumption (DECC 2014) and is the fastest growing emissions sector (Yan and Crookes 2009). With the International […]

Title: Kinetic energy extraction from flows with significant density profiles: the case of the Gulf of California, Mexico Researcher: Carlos Joel Mejia Olivares Supervisors: AbuBakr Bahaj and Luke Blunden Abstract In recent times the demand for electricity has increased considerably throughout the world especially in newly industrialised countries where the economic activity is directly related […]

Research update: Low Carbon City Strategy

Title: Low Carbon City Strategy Researcher: Yue Wu Supervisors: AbuBakr Bahaj and Luke Blunden Abstract GHG emissions are becoming a global concern. The UK has legally bound a CO2 emission reduction target that by 2050 at least 80% of GHG emission shall be reduced based on the emission level of 1990. Consequently, the local authorities […]

Title: Micro climate adapted localised weather data generation: Implications to the energy consumption of buildings and sustainable design of cities Researcher: Leonidas Bourikas Supervisors: Patrick A.B. James & AbuBakr S. Bahaj Abstract This thesis has investigated methodologies for the adaptation of airport based simulation weather files to replicate the local micro climate. The objective of this thesis is to propose a […]

Title:Experimental analysis of the influence of proximity to channel boundaries and blockage ratio on far field hydrodynamic effects and performance of tidal turbine arrays. Researcher: Tim Daly Supervisors: Luke Myers and AbuBakr Bahaj Abstract Tidal energy is now the subject of an extensive amount of research. Several studies have clearly demonstrated the significant potential contribution […]