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Employability opportunity #2: what to expect

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

Last week in this blog I presented to you an opportunity and this week I want to write from experience. The experience being my own experience presenting at an International Symposium. Sometimes by knowing what others have experienced can put you in better stead and make you feel more at ease when doing something for […]

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Employability opportunity #1: a platform for your research 

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

I guess it is not every day you hear about your own university hosting the UK’s First International Student Sustainability Research Symposium and wanting it to be all student led…well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is true! On Friday 15th April 2016, a Student Sustainability Research Symposium will take place and we need […]

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A Postcard from Bristol

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

    Week Eleven on the Sustainability Action Internship: attend and present at an International Conference. ‘Yea, why not’ were my initial thoughts… …And I am very glad they were! On Monday 7th September I (along with my supervisors) took the early morning train up to Bristol, which gave me an insight to the life […]

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Sabbatical Officer Sustainability Training

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

It is that time of year again, when the ever effective sustainability training of sabbatical officers takes place, and I am pleased to announce every Sabb (bar one- they will be trained in due course!) has ‘passed’ their sustainability training! The aim of the session was to improve the Sabbs’ existing knowledge and understanding of […]

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Uplifting Ideas and the Joy of the Internet

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

Learning from an intern sounds a bit backwards, does it not? Especially after always having thought it would be the other way round. Yet for some reason, it is not the case on this internship. Although it does not also mean that the intern does the ordering of the supervisor. For one this internship builds […]

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Food For Thought

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

As I move into the fifth week of my internship, I have truly begun to see how sustainability can really implement itself across whole faculties! One of my tasks has been to engage with the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practice and to start implementing it throughout the curriculum here at the University of Southampton. […]

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My First Week in a Collective Cloud Brain

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

As an intern there were many thoughts which began to float around my head when I first began; What shall I wear? Will I be good enough? How does my boss like their coffee? There are also many tasks I thought I would be asked to do, for example; file, smile and make coffee. Of […]

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