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Why you should work with Sustainability Action this summer

By Julia Kendal |

We are currently recruiting for a 12-week paid summer internship. If you are a current Southampton student read on about why you should take the time to apply for the post.

  1. You’ll earn the Living Wage. Not only do we think it’s important that internships are paid, we ensure that our interns are paid the Living Wage (£7.85 per hour) – a wage that meets the actual living costs of life in the UK.
  2. You’ll gain invaluable experience for your CV. Caught in that catch-22 of needing experience to get a job, but needing a job to gain the experience? Summer internships are a way to gain practical experience that will make your CV stand out.
  3. You’ll develop your transferable skills. Being part of the Sustainability Action team will enable you to enhance your team-working, problem-solving and communications skills, as well as providing space to develop your own ideas and initiative.
  4. You’ll have the chance to network. Joining the Sustainability Action team will give you the opportunity to meet staff from across the University and the Union. Further job opportunities may arise from these meetings.
  5. You will feel justifiably satisfied from having had a positive impact in the lives of fellow students as well as in the university and wider community.
Team SUSU with pledges.

SUSU Sabbs pledging for sustainability

Previous interns have trained SUSU Sabbatical Officers in sustainability and its relevance to their work, taken a lead role in creating the Sustainability Action Website, engaged hundreds of Freshers with sustainability, co-delivered a workshop to local business on good sustainability practice… and these are just the brief highlights. Read about their internships in their own words here and here.

By applying for the internship, you will be able to make a tangible impact in the lives of students and on the university as a whole.

Don’t miss out – apply here by the 25th January 2015.