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Make a Difference Day

By Jessica Lobo |

Last week Sustainability Action teamed up with the Student Union’s Ethical and Environmental Committee to take part in Freshers’ week.  ‘Make a Difference Day’ on Thursday was buzzing with students finding out about safe and sustainable ways to travel, getting involved with RAG and joining in with the many charity, campaign and conservation societies that the Union has to offer. We spent the day asking everyone to make one pledge to live more sustainably this year, and had a great time meeting lots of new people (and trying out the free curry from the stand opposite us!).


People could pick from a variety of pledges, addressing sustainable travel, food, as well as lifestyle choices such as choosing low carbon holiday destinations. Most people pledged to do activities which would benefit them as well has have a positive impact on society and the environment, for example switching off lights and laptops, activities which directly save money – and we all know how much students like that! Other popular pledges were “I will join a new society” and “I will raise money for charity” because they are fun activities that students can get involved in. Making the more sustainable choice doesn’t have to be painful; as shown by the people pledging, it can also make us happier as well as benefit our purse – a win-win situation!

With over 80 people pledging (and some pledging more than once!) it was fantastic to see such an appetite amongst students to make a change not only to their lives but also to making Southampton a more sustainable city.

Did you make a pledge on Thursday? See if you can spot yourself in our video of ‘Make a Difference Day’ or if you’re making a pledge of your own this year, check it out for some ideas! We’ve also put all the photos on facebook so go ahead and tag your friends if you were snapped making a pledge and wearing some of our fun fancy dress accessories!

Charlotte PledgeRAG PledgeMarcus Pledge

We’d love to hear what you’re pledging this year, so let us know in the comments below what you’re going to do. For ideas and advice on how you can fulfil your pledges, visit us at www.southampton.acuk/sustainabilityaction