Author: Matt R Taylor

RedFeather Design Philosophy

One of the greatest barriers when deploying a full-scale repository platform such as EPrints is the amount of configuration required to take the software from its “out of the box” state to something suitable for teaching and learning.  Installing the

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RedFeather Project Plan

Project Overview Currently there are significant barriers to individuals or smaller groups publishing OER materials. They can upload their work to a website, but rich media is effectively dark to search engines without adequate metadata, in addition they may forget

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RedFeather in a nutshell

The RedFeather project aims to fill a niche in e-learning where teachers want to share their resources without the use of a full-scale repository platform.  I identified three such groups of users in an earlier blog post (accessible here) but

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Who is RedFeather for?

During our work on teaching and learning repositories we identified cases where people wanted to share teaching resources but a repository platform such as EdShare would be unsuitable. These people all shared the need for a lightweight tool which enables

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PeoplePivot – Version 1

Patrick, Andy and I returned from RepoFringe 2011 as the triumphant winners of the Developer Challenge.  We were greeted in the labs with salutations of glory, emails were sent department-wide proclaiming our brilliance and parades were thrown in our honour. 

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