PeoplePivot – Version 1

Patrick, Andy and I returned from RepoFringe 2011 as the triumphant winners of the Developer Challenge.  We were greeted in the labs with salutations of glory, emails were sent department-wide proclaiming our brilliance and parades were thrown in our honour.  The wider academic community waited with baited breathe to see the fruits of our labour: PeoplePivot.  I hope they are patient.

The problem with developing a product in such a short period of time is that you often have to choose between form and function.  When the deadline only allows for 10 hours of development, you usually have to compromise on both.  Our initial prototype was only ever intended as a supplement to our presentation – to help illustrate our idea as we explained the concept.  Without the associated spiel delivered by Patrick, it was pretty confusing and meaningless – and certainly not ready to be showcased independently.

I’ve just spent the last couple of weeks working quite heavily on the site and I now consider it polished enough to showcase.

You can visit the site at and have a play around.  I’ve also enclosed a screenshot below to whet your appetite (pretend that the screen is delicious brown chocolate or something):

I’ve included most of the important information about the ideas and technology behind the project on the site itself – so I’ll cut this blog post short and encourage you all to go Pivot…


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