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Boeing Take-Off

Ping into the email inbox on a Friday afternoon in late September comes a message from a colleague ‘Boeing has some unallocated money in its’ University Fund which it could give to Southampton for a compelling new project for the benefit of students. Do you have any ideas Stefan? We need a proposal from you by close of play today!’ Time to quickly scratch our heads and see how we could get Boeing on-board. Continue reading →

Digichamp input to new modules

Charlie worked on the Students as Creators and Change Agents project to help develop content and structure for the new Business modules.  Before he rushed off to start his full time career last week, I asked him to reflect on his experience and what he had learned from it: What I wished I had known in level 1 For me, there were a couple of things I wish I had known. The first thing is how valuable this work is outside of the lecture theatre or university. Continue reading →