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Boeing Take-Off

Ping into the email inbox on a Friday afternoon in late September comes a message from a colleague ‘Boeing has some unallocated money in its’ University Fund which it could give to Southampton for a compelling new project for the benefit of students. Do you have any ideas Stefan? We need a proposal from you by close of play today!’ Time to quickly scratch our heads and see how we could get Boeing on-board. Continue reading →

A Welcome from the Editor

  I’d like to personally welcome all of our new colleagues joining us this week at the University of Southampton, especially those who are joining us in the Business School! I’d like to take this chance to introduce you to the Studying Business at Southampton Blog, where everyone will have a chance, and be actively encouraged, to contribute to. The blog was started last year, as an initiative of the Business Programmes Co-Design Group and, as such, has a large student focus. Continue reading →