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Preparation for your exams

Happy New Years! With the first few weeks of the new University term bringing our first set of Exams and Coursework Deadlines, theres likely to be a lot of accompanying stress. However, in order to keep ahead of the examiners, and to stop yourself getting worked up about the impending exams theres plenty of resources out there to put yourself in the best possible place you can be. Continue reading →

World Cafe: Drawing Conclusions

This is the last week of formally structured courses for the MANG1020 module, and the course is finishing with a World Cafe, similar to the one that started the module. In the cafe, we will consider the journey and experiences across the modules, and what we have gained from it. This should provide some important reflection that might even be able to be used as part of our Assignments. Continue reading →

Dr Whitehead MP, and power

On Friday 27th, we welcomed Dr Alan Whitehead MP to give us a lecture centred around the idea of where power might lay in society. Dr Whitehead MP gave the attendees a brief run down of the British Parliamentary system, making a number of interesting points. He posed the question "Who has more power in their state; Barrack Obama, or David Cameron?". The audience responded with a 50/50 vote, but Dr Whitehead MP then explained why it was in fact Cameron who held the most power in his state. Continue reading →

Exciting Guest Lecturer, Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Tomorrow there is an exciting Guest Speaker, Dr Alan Whitehead MP. Below is the announcement from Blackboard, make sure to come along and ask any burning questions you have! " We have the pleasure and privilege of welcoming Dr Alan Whitehead MP to speak with us and join in conversation at our session this Friday. It will be a unique opportunity to engage with a senior government politician who is a member of the Labour Party opposition shadow ministerial team. Continue reading →

Digichamp input to new modules

Charlie worked on the Students as Creators and Change Agents project to help develop content and structure for the new Business modules.  Before he rushed off to start his full time career last week, I asked him to reflect on his experience and what he had learned from it: What I wished I had known in level 1 For me, there were a couple of things I wish I had known. The first thing is how valuable this work is outside of the lecture theatre or university. Continue reading →